Senior Profile: Lobby-O Co-Editor Drew Gray

Justin McCafferty '25, Contributing Writer

Drew Gray is a man of many abilities and a student here at Westborough High School. Drew is currently a Co-Editor in Chief for The Lobby Observer and was a senior captain for the boys varsity basketball team this year (although he was unable to play this year because of injury). He uses his love for journalism to positively impact other aspects of his life and the lives around him, and is contemplating majoring in journalism or a similar major in college. 

Gray grew up in Hudson, Massachusetts and moved to Westborough in the 4th grade. Since then he has filled his time with playing basketball, leading the Microbank Club, being an active member in the community through NHS, hanging out with friends, and singing for Concert Choir here at WHS. 

Gray is currently unsure whether he will continue to pursue journalism in college, but he recently applied to the communications program at Syracuse University, and was accepted to the communications program at the University of Rhode Island. Although he was unsure about taking a journalism class his sophomore year, he decided to take Journalism I. 

“I was looking for an elective to take and decided to take journalism because I have always been a pretty good writer, and it was a place where I could write about something other than essays,” Gray shares.

Like most students in their first two years of high school, Gray didn’t really know what to expect when taking this class, and he only took it for his love and appreciation for writing. He wants to encourage others to take classes and electives that interest them and something that meets their hobbies and personality. Gray uses his love for sports and personal opinions to motivate and inspire him to write about these topics and share it with others via The Lobby Observer.

When asked about how journalism can contribute in a positive way to other classes, Gray noted that the freedom of how the writing and paragraph structure can look differently compared to other classes. 

Additionally, he stated that “When you take that ability and apply it back into English and other classes, it makes you more versatile as a writer.”

Gray believes that journalism is a way to improve your writing and general skills in your other subjects and classes. 

He goes on to say that “I would definitely recommend journalism to people who are interested. You can find yourself as a writer and write about things you want to write about.” He also uses the same communication skills that he has learned throughout his  journalism experience at WHS in his everyday life when interacting with others. 

Gray expressed that the opportunities an Advanced Journalism student is exposed to impacts their lives outside of school in ways that someone who has never taken a journalism class might not have.

He says that taking this class can increase your “confidence as a writer and a speaker” and believes it teaches you important and essential life skills. As a Co-Editor for The Lobby Observer, Gray has written articles about his passion for sports, most recently the Bruins, and news about what is going on within the school.