Diversity and You

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by Myles Goldman

MCC – This abbreviation stands for a Westborough High School club that represents all of the students, faculty, and administration. The Multi Cultural Council is a club that stands for and promotes diversity both in and out of WHS’ walls. The members spread their message of celebrating cultures from around the world through various events and fundraisers that have become a monthly occurrence.

The group’s meetings consist of fifteen to thirty minutes of planning for future events and ways to gain more support and awareness, followed by the club divulging into food and listening to music from around the world.

The planning leads to fundraisers like the International Food Buffet which was held on November 25th. Food from many different cultures was sampled for a small fee at the event. The buffet is a great place to find new out-of-the-norm foods for your diet. Another annual big event held by Multi Cultural Council is a talent show that is put on right before April vacation. Some of the money the club raises is donated for charitable purposes. A few years ago, the club purchased animals from the Heifer Foundation and were donated to poor agricultural countries whose farmers used the animals to make a sufficient living.

You can check out the Multi Cultural Council bulletin board on the first floor near the gymnasium to find out about MCC’s newest projects. Every month MCC is highlighting a “holiday of the month” where a certain country’s culture is featured coupled with the holiday itself. Various other events and opportunities to participate in the Multi Cultural Council are also posted down by the gymnasium.

The club’s new advisor this year is Dr. Deshpande. She described her excitement over becoming the club’s advisor by explaining, “When asked I was more than willing to be this group’s advisor, mainly because I too have come here from a different country and culture. I realize the importance of acknowledging cultural diversity. The MCC is an exciting group that celebrates this diversity. ”

Meetings are every Tuesday right after school until about 2:45 to 3:00 in room C309. The club’s presidents are Senior Kara Lung and Junior Sheweta Athilat. If you have any questions you can contact them in person or email the club for more info at [email protected].

Of course, you can also contact them by stopping by a meeting and representing your very own unique culture.