Ted Lasso: Season 2 Review

Drew Gray '23, Contributing Writer

Following seven Emmy wins, including Outstanding Comedy Series for 2021, Ted Lasso had become one of the most popular shows out there. Available on Apple TV, its second season was highly anticipated.


The show is centered around a former football coach turned soccer coach named Ted Lasso, who is coaching AFC Richmond of the Premier League. Along with soccer, it follows the players, coaches, and ownership off the field. Prominent characters besides Ted include Rebecca, the owner of AFC Richmond, Coach Beard, an assistant coach and Lasso’s right hand man, Keely Jones, an administrative assistant to Rebecca and girlfriend of Roy Kent (former player turned coach), and finally Nate, the intelligent, up and coming equipment manager turned coach. A few players that are also featured often are Jamie Tartt and Sam Obisanya. 


After the disappointing end to Season 1, AFC Richmond looked to re-enter the Premier League after they were demoted to a lower league because of their poor record. Keely and Roy continue to develop their relationship, despite a few others infringing upon this connection. Coach Nate continues to burst onto the scene as a key to Richmond’s success, and Jamie has returned to the team after a hiatus to both a reality television show and playing for Manchester City.


In my opinion, I feel that this show isn’t as much of a comedy as it is portrayed. Sure, there are parts that will make you laugh, but I think that there is as much or even more drama than there is humor in this series. However, that does not make me dislike the show in any way. I believe the directors find a good middle ground between the two that keeps the viewers guessing and chuckling at the same time.


Overall, I would give Season 2 of Ted Lasso a 4.5 out of 5 stars. Considering how great Season 1 was, it was inevitable that Season 2 would not be as good. In spite of this, I do believe it provided a great sequel to the first season. Characters who were beloved in the first season remained prominent, while others may surprise the viewers. Particularly, in the final episode of Season 2, one character’s true colors are shown. 


Season 2 was a compelling follow up to its previous award-winning season. I would highly recommend this series to anyone who enjoys sports or even comedy itself. It’s a truly enjoyable piece of television that will keep you watching to the very end. If you have Apple TV, you should most definitely watch Ted Lasso.