Sophomore Tim Singleton

Matty Burger '23, Junior Co-Editor

Tim Singleton, a sophomore at Westborough High School, has enjoyed his time at WHS a lot over the past two years, despite the pandemic. One source of this enjoyment, out of school, is playing soccer for both WHS and also playing for his own club team at Best FC. Singeton was pulled up to the Varsity Boys soccer team for playoffs. In soccer, his main position is goalkeeper, but he also plays right wing if needed.

In school, Singleton enjoys his biology class because he finds it the easiest amongst his courses.

When asked what is important to him, Singleton responds by referencing his joy towards snowboarding.

He says, “I got into it because my dad did. It is very fun!”

When he has the time, his favorite mountain to snowboard at is Cannon Mountain.

Family and friends are a priority to him; he has a sister and two half siblings who are all very important to him as well as his numerous friends.

Some things that might surprise you about Singleton is his love for reggae music, especially Bob Marley. Also, he states that people think he looks much older than he actually is, which is 15 years old. In addition, he doesn’t believe that people know that his favorite show is “The Simpsons.”

Singleton has two two big role models. The first one is his father who he says inspires him to work harder. Singleton says that even being with his father helps him work harder. Also, another role model is Matt Turner, Professional American Soccer player, who is on the New England Revolution as a goalkeeper. Singleton says that Turner is a role model for him, because he looks up to him and how good of a keeper he is.

With Singleton’s interest in soccer, he believes that he wants to go to college for soccer, and he plans on working hard in order to achieve that hope. But, as a sophomore, Singelton is just excited to be able to play soccer for both WHS and his club team for now.