Sophomore George Jiang: a Student of Many Interests

Matthew Willar '22, Co Editor

WHS sophomore George Jiang is a multifaceted student. Moving to Westborough in the third grade after growing up in China, Jiang is an avid comic reader and cross country runner.

Jiang really enjoys school. His favorite subject in school is history, and he credits his teacher Mrs. Pappetti making teaching about the past very interesting. And although he enjoys school, Jiang notes that he “can’t write essays to save his life.”

Outside of school, Jiang enjoys playing games, swimming, and running cross country. He also enjoys listening to rock and heavy metal music. As an avid reader, Jiang is currently reading The Walking Dead.

Jiang wants people to know that he is “not worthless, lazy, and [is not someone who] doesn’t want to study.” He is a very passionate student, and states that he hopes to attend Harvard after graduating from WHS.

When asked about who he looks up to, Jiang shares his parents and teachers, specifically, English teacher Mr. Lewis.

When asked about the NFL, he comments, “My favorite football team is whatever team is winning at the moment.”

Jiang has many aspects to him that make him the person he is, including his sense of humor. He hopes that aside from people seeing him as the Class Clown that people can see the other sides of him.