Sophomore Bryan Silva: “Believe in Yourself…”

Daphnne Cabrera '23, Junior Co-Editor

Bryan Silva is currently a sophomore at Westborough High School. Silva was born in Minas, Brazil and moved to the United States when he was just 10 years old. He asserts that he likes the U.S, as it provides better opportunities, jobs, and education.

However, he does miss his family and cultural aspects of Brazil such as the food. Silva explains that his mother is also originally from Minas, but his dad was born in Bahia, Brazil and later moved to Minas where he met his mother. His parents then had Silva and his younger brother and sister.

When asked what is one thing a lot of people don’t know about him, Silva explains that he prefers to maintain a small number of close friends he can rely on rather than a lot of friends who wouldn’t have his best interest at heart.

Silva explains that when he graduates from Westborough High School in two years, he plans to get a job. He possibly wants to become a car mechanic or join the construction field. He wishes to start his own business or work for somebody else and move up from there.

He also enjoys listening to a variety of different music genres. He likes listening to hip hop, rap, Spanish music, etc. He explains that he is not picky with music, but rather focuses on the vibe it gives off.

Other than listening to music, Silva does numerous things during his free time including playing soccer, working, reading manga books, and going to the gym at YMCA.

Silva explains how his dad has been a major role model in his life. He shares that he and his father share a close relationship, in which his father constantly helps him, gives him great advice, and guides him.

Silva really emphasizes how he likes to “ride solo.” He explains that his experience with other students at WHS have not been bad and offers the following piece of advice for students struggling.

“Always make sure to stay true to yourself and believe in yourself, do you, and don’t worry or stress about what others think or say,” Sivla shares.