Sophomore Dom Cutone: History Buff and Skillful Fisherman

Sydney Allen '23, Staff Writer

Dom Cutone is a 15 year old sophomore here at WHS. He grew up in Westborough, but was born in nearby Ashland. He is not the quiet type, although many assume he is. When he is comfortable with whom he is around, Cutone is very talkative and loves to share about what he knows.

And what he knows and is interested in is history. Cutone has loved history since he was young and his love shows in school because his favorite subject is history. His grandfather was an important member of the navy and his father works for a company that built the first radar used on ships and planes.

Cutone hopes to further his interest in history after he graduates from WHS by either joining the navy or working with his dad at the same company. If that route does not work, he also loves playing with legos and would love to get into the lego company.

As for now, he continues loving being a kid, playing games, video games, and one of his favorite activities, fishing. His family owns a boat of their own, they love to take it out and go fishing. He loves spending time with his dad while fishing and one of his best moments is when he caught a yellowfin tuna.

They fish 80 miles south of the Cape and Cutone is looking forward to fishing and spending more time with his role model, his dad. His dad teaches him many life lessons that he can apply to everyday life and take with him throughout his life. One thing that he admires about his dad is that he was able to re-write a 10,000-page book about school into about 20 pages.

Cutone also loves spending time with his family, friends, pets, and new baby cousin. He has two more years in high school at WHS.