Sophomore Spotlight: Eddie Bom Fim

Sydney Allen '23, Staff Writer

Eddie Bom Fim, 16 years old, is a sophomore at WHS. He grew up in Brazil and moved to Westborough when he was 13.

Bom Fim is a part of the football team here at WHS and he loves playing. He also likes to skate and in his free time, he creates playlists.

Many people assume Bom Fim is closed off or unemotional, but he has a soft side, and it comes out around people he cares about like his girlfriend and his family. Speaking of family, Bom Fim has a new baby sister who he is very protective of.

Bom Fim doesn’t particularly have a role model because he focuses on himself. He wants to improve and be the best version of himself he can be.

In school, gym is Bom Fim’s favorite subject because he is athletic and prefers activities over academics. He is also taking Journalism 1 right now. He loves his journalism teacher Mrs. Stoker, and really enjoys being in her class and having the opportunity to be involved in the school more.

After graduating, Bom Fim hopes to continue his education and go to college for either financing or business. His goal is to move out of Westborough and start new somewhere else, but before he can do any of this, Bom Fim has two more years at WHS.