Notre Dame Softball MVP Discusses Her WHS Experience

Fiona Smith '24 and Kealy Fay '24, Contributing Writers

Back in 2009, Megan McGoff, who was a tri-athlete during her career at Westborough High School, was inducted into the WHS Hall of Fame. A part of the class of 1987, McGoff had a major impact on the athletic community. Being part of the field hockey, basketball, and softball teams, McGoff’s athletic abilities and team spirit, in addition to her passion and dedication, made her a phenomenal athlete. 

When asked about what it was like growing up as a female athlete, McGoff said, “Women’s teams were just starting to get competitive, so the teams would have a mix of abilities. It was mostly about having fun.” McGoff was a stand-out player; she played in the Bay State Games and the Junior Olympics for basketball, and was on the All-Star field hockey team. 

McGoff loved being able to represent Westborough in some of the higher-level games and venues. During her seasons at WHS, she was coached by  Coach O’Neill (field hockey), Coach Monjo (basketball), and Coach Laduke (softball). Laduke also had a major impact on the athletics at Westborough High, having the honor of the small gym named after him.

After her time at WHS, McGoff continued her academic and athletic career at Notre Dame, following in her father’s footsteps, who also attended Notre Dame. She played travel field hockey in the fall, which she flew across the country to play at a highly competitive level. They later switched sports conferences at Notre Dame, so McGoff was then able to play in the spring for Notre Dame’s softball team, traveling to Houston every spring break to play there. McGoff’s athletic impact not only shined at WHS, but continued at Notre Dame where she was the MVP during her senior year for softball. 

When asked if she had any advice for younger athletes, she said, “people have a tendency to view intensity as not a positive quality, and in athletics, intensity is necessary to succeed and should be viewed as a quality to succeed.” McGoff proceeded to talk about shooting your shot and how the only way you’ll be able to achieve your goals is if you just go for it. “Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, don’t be afraid to fail,” she commented about keeping your head held high no matter the result of the goal. 

McGoff is grateful to be a part of the WHS Hall of Fame, and the many opportunities that opened up for her during and after her time here.