WHS Staff Profile: Mr. Trippi Strong and Soulful as Ever


Jack Kelly

WHS custodian Mr. Trippi enjoys working out to activate his mind.

Jack Kelly and Owen Kelly, Contributing Writers

Bill Trippi is an important member of the janitorial staff at WHS. However there is a lot more to him than meets the eye. As an extremely ambitious child, Mr.Trippi got his first job at 12 years old. Many years and many hard-working jobs later, he cleans 44 third floor rooms at the high school.

Mr. Trippi acquired a paper boy job when he was 12, with 73 customers on the route in his town of Millbury.  At the age of 13, he started working at a McDonald’s making fries and shakes. He worked in a fiberglass company at the age of 15, and then moved to Connecticut, where his father lived, to work at Colonial Press. 

When he turned 17 and a half, he enrolled in the Navy. After enrolling, he spent six months in a submarine at the Pearl Harbor Naval Base. He was later switched onto a large oiler ship where he traveled around the world for three years.  After leaving the Navy he briefly lived in Tacoma, Washington, witnessing the Mount St. Helen’s eruption. Shortly after, he moved to Worcester, Massachusetts, where he currently resides.

After moving to Worcester, he worked at his dad’s tailor shop. Six years into living in Worcester, he got married. With the help of Clark University’s small business development center to help entrepreneurs, Mr. Trippi was able to open a dry cleaning shop in a strip mall. At the time, he was also videotaping weddings as a side gig. He would have this job for 23 years. 

He later founded Trippi’s Uniforms with his cousins, which is still open today on Route 9 in Shrewsbury. He later worked for other com

“Everyday in a harmonious environment is more than I can ask for.”

— WHS custodian Mr. Trippi

panies like a lumber company and one that specialized in asbestos removal. He decided to leave the world of business, because he wanted a job with less stress. He then received a part time position at Westborough High School.

His job at the high school is from 4pm to 8pm so he had to get a job during the day. He was also hired to work at Department of Youth Services near Lake Chauncey from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. He did this for a year until suddenly, a full time janitor position opened up. He has been working WHS for 10 years and plans to stay in the future. His favorite part of working around the high school is being able to be around young and happy people.

 Mr. Trippi shares, “Everyday in a harmonious environment is more than I can ask for.”

During a normal shift, Mr. Trippi walks approximately five miles while cleaning. While he cleans, he enjoys listening to podcasts and books. He will also work out in the fitness center every day after school. 

When asked if he thought he was the strongest adult in the school, he replies with a humble answer, “No, but I think I have maintained a level of strength for at 61 years old is above average.” 

Outside of school, Mr. Trippi enjoys spending time with his beloved grandkids who live next door. He also loves to ride his motorcycle. Mr. Trippi focuses on engaging the mind, body, and soul in his life. 

Mr. Trippi activates the mind and body when working out and when singing.

He shares,  “I tap into the soul inside of me, and feel a way that I don’t feel other than in that environment.”