UNICEF Club: Second Year at WHS

Miara Sasdi

The UNICEF Club is beginning its second year at Westborough High School with hopes of further expanding their impact. The club had their first meeting of the 2019-2020 school year on Tuesday, September 17 where over 40 people showed up to the meeting.  This year, the club is being run by seniors Isabella Angelini (president), Sarah Corcoran (vice-president), Rhea Balasubramanian (treasurer), and junior Kaitlyn Tarzia (secretary). The Unicef Club’s main focus is to support and donate to the organization, UNICEF (United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund), which helps children in need that live in third-world countries. This includes giving children needed vaccinations and help fight for children’s rights.

For President, Isabella Angelini, she was interested in taking on a big role in the club because “It’s an organization that’s really close to my heart. I find it amazing that we as high school students are able to contribute to an international organization and be apart of a club that so many other high schools across the globe are apart of.”

This year the club is hoping to continue their annual Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF where they drop off special boxes at local businesses in hopes of raising money to donate. Last year they raised over $400 from this fundraiser. Vice-President Sarah Corcoran has high hopes for even more success this year.  “We are so fortunate to live where we do, and I feel like it’s always good to give back, so this year we really want to raise more money than we did last year, and continue to always do better each year.”

The officers hope to do this by continuing to raise awareness to not only the rest of their club members but to the entire community. Angelini explains, “We are going to keep trying to educate people as well as fundraising. Raising awareness about the issues that we are fundraising for is really important.”

Although Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF is their biggest event of the year, in the Spring, the club helps out at a 5k road race where they put the payment they receive a towards a donation to the organization. 

The officers hope to further develop the club by having more bonding events between club members and to better incorporate UNICEF’s monthly themes. September’s theme is Sustainable Development Goals. At their first meeting, the officers gave club members and brief informational overview of the year in addition to showing a quick video showing how UNICEF helps children in need that live in third world countries. 

Sarah Corcoran joined the club when it first started out last year and was impacted by what she learned. “The officers last year had us draw a representation of what we thought a house in a third world country looked like compared to a house here, which made me realize what other people’s living circumstances are.” She is using this inspiration to teach others around her, and also further learn about other cultures. 

The UNICEF club meets every other Tuesday in advisor, Mrs. Stoker’s classroom after school, and anybody at Westborough High School can join and contribute to the club.