Politics with a Purpose: Peaceably Promoting Politics Among WHS Students

By:  Adam Steinberg

Aside from the exceptional academic program at WHS, another attribute that helps it to stand out are its extracurricular activities. In addition to the numerous sports and fine arts activities offered, there are over 60 different clubs and organizations that students can choose to partake in.

Among the various different clubs offered to students at WHS, there is only one that attempts to promote politics in a peaceable and all-inclusive manner: Politics with a Purpose. The club was established by Steven Chelak, a WHS senior.  The club is advised by teacher Ms. Costa.

“At Politics with a Purpose, we encourage students to back their beliefs with positive and productive actions,” says Chelak. “If you think there is a problem, take steps to find an optimal solution to that problem rather than getting into a fight on social media, cause that doesn’t solve anything.”

One of Politics with a Purpose’s most notable qualities is their dedication to promoting politics by being involved in the community. “[Politics with a Purpose] expresses political beliefs through community based events and projects” said Chelak. Recently, Politics with a Purpose partook in a couple of different events and projects such as meeting with state representative Hannah Kane for 2016 Armed Forces Day, and most remarkably, making a $300 donation to the VFW in order to ensure the completion of a service ramp at their local building, which is located downtown adjacent to Dairy Queen.

“I’m very proud of everyone and the various roles that they played in supporting our local veterans,” comments Chelak. “The VFW will now be able to build the service ramp that they’ve needed for so long using the donations our club has gathered.”

With all that has been going on in the world of politics today, it is important for WHS students and all people in general to be aware of the events going on around them. Through Politics with a Purpose, students at WHS will not only have the opportunity to be aware of these events, but also to voice their thoughts and opinions with regards to these matters, an opportunity that they may not have outside of school.