Global and Community Aid Club

By: Carly Flahive

Carly Lurier, a junior here at Westborough High School, has recently started a new club geared towards raising money for countries in need of financial assistance in order to assist in helping with disasters. The recent Nepal earthquake that caused damage to the country has triggered her to finally follow through with her plan and see if she can help impact the recovery for those in need.

Having helped fundraise throughout her life for different causes and being a leader for Serengetee, a non profit organization that sells clothing to raise money for countries in need, Lurier has put her inspiration for helping others into the Global and Community Aid club.

President of the club, Lurier is trying to gain interest and explains, “The club is open to all. We welcome anybody who is looking to have fun and help raise money for good causes.”  Through hopefully getting the entire school involved, Lurier is planning to fundraise through games including “battle of the grades” with events like capture the flag, other sports and tournaments, and things like car washes. She wants her fundraisers to be fun and gain student interest and involvement with everything that she does.

With the ultimate goal of raising money to support a different cause every two months, Lurier hopes for a strong start and successful senior year as she begins this new club. As Lurier puts her inspiration to work, she hopes for improved school interest and involvement as she brainstorms new ways to help others.