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By Myles Goldman

Friday night you went to an event organized by the same group that is behind the production of the school magazine.  Who are these behind the scenes organizers you ask?   They are the talented and dedicated members of the  Literary Magazine club,  which is more popularly termed Lit Mag.  Meeting in A328 these students spend their school year planning the production of the school’s creative magazine.  In the early fall these students also plan all the details associated with Ned’s Coffee House.

The Literary Magazine started at least almost two decades ago and Ned’s Coffee House debuted a few years later.  Today, Lit Mag is an integral part of WHS because of the service it provides to students.  “Lit Mag provides a voice for students who want to express themselves through art and or writing,” explained Ms. Pelletier the club’s advisor.  A voice for students is an understatement as Lit Mag will take any kinds of originality you can think of.  You have a poem you have just written, they’ll take it.  Think your the next Picasso, just bring the painting or drawing to room A328.

If you want to become a part of the behind the scenes operation there are many job opportunities.  You can help with publicity and make sure all of the students and staff know when the next issue is coming out or spend your time helping to print out the magazine and stapling it together.  More of a writing kind of person, then become one of the editors that decide the destiny of which pieces are part of each issue.  No matter what there is something for you and Lit Mag is better than ever.  This year Lit Mag  will now publish bi monthly, which means about one issue will be published per a quarter.  If you have a sculpture or a drawing that is in color don’t worry, Lit Mag’s color printer will show off your masterpiece.

As for Lit Mag’s other contribution to the school, Ned’s is a major production where many decisions need to be made.  Starting in September Lit Mag members make decisions that range from when Ned’s will be, to what food will be served, to how much the food will cost.  The group will also coordinate with the custodial staff on setting up the lobby, and they take money out of their funds to hire a police officer for the event.  Ms. Pelletier summed up the significance Ned’s has to Lit Mag by stating, “It’s a perfect outlet for what Lit Mag is.”

It is not a difficult task to submit material for a magazine edition because you can either give your work to Ms. Pelletier in room A328, put your work in the Lit Mag Submission Box outside the library, or email your work to [email protected]. Anonymous submissions are welcome, along with submissions under a pen name.  The magazine editors do have certain qualities they look for in submitted works.  Katie Speed, the senior chief editor, explained, “ We try to look for variety and we also try to get as much art as possible.  We’re trying to expand to more themes and forms of creative expression.”  The art is especially wanted by the magazine because art tends to be less featured than other works.

Now that you know who they are you could be one of them.  Katie described her favorite part of  Lit Mag by reflecting, “It’s really cool for me to see my own work and other people’s work.”