Spring Trends of 2015

By Brooke Callery

As spring weather approaches, everywhere from small boutiques to large department stores are revamping their floors and rotating their display outfits in order to excite buyers. Though it may look as though the bright colors and pastel pants seem simply to be new refreshing trends, they are actually placed throughout stores such as Nordstrom with extensive strategy.These spring collections are purposely displayed at entrances and window displays to draw in buyers who are anxious for the warm weather ahead. The freezing winter that is slowly leaving us adds to the success of these store displays because it builds up the excitement that comes along with the changing of seasons in fashion. Though the temperatures are still quite low, the floral Capri’s, flowy tanks, and sheer kimonos used throughout window displays in stores such as Gap and Anthropology are currently at their highest sale rates.

Here at WHS, it is clear that the student body is anxious for warmer weather. Deep browns have transitioned into light earth tones, heavy sweaters to open knits, and combat boots to the beloved white converse. In the world of fashion, it is safe to say that spring is well on its way! With warmer weather coming many new trends are reappearing. A popular look is the boyfriend jean. Though many fear this type of denim because they are somewhat masculine, there are definitely ways to pull them off in a feminine way. Due to the baggy look of the jeans, matching them with a structured jacket helps to avoid any sloppyness that could come along with the trend. For shoes, matching your favorite pair of boyfriend jeans with a strappy sandal can help to make the look appear lighter and more girly. If you’re feeling extra trendy, a pointed heel or flat can add sophistication to the laid back style. Don’t fear the boyfriend jean! With a trend that can be dressed down or dressed up, give them a shot with your wardrobe, just remember not to forget a piece that adds a little bit of structure to the look!