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Jake Hughes: WHS Soccer & Basketball All-Star

By: Luke Sullivan ’21 and Will Burger ’20


Senior Jake Hughes is a very hardworking two sport varsity athlete and captain. From the moment he entered the high school, Hughes has been an important factor on both the basketball and soccer teams.

Hughes’ athletic career started in pre-school where he started playing soccer; a few years after, he picked up basketball. Hughes says that he took a break from soccer and focused on basketball in middle school.

Hughes has seen a range of stages and competition such as recreational, travel, AAU, and high school basketball. He recently decided to not continue AAU basketball, as his enjoyment had diminished because there weren’t many talented teams in this area.

Despite not playing AAU basketball anymore, the transition to high school was eased, and he got pulled up to varsity in both soccer, which he returned to, and basketball.

Now well into his senior year, Hughes has high expectations about his final two seasons.

Hughes says, “I hope to first make playoffs and then make a run for as far as we can go. Having made it to the state championship sophomore year, and making a run last year as well, I hope to have the same success,” said Hughes, “There’s less pressure on me.”

Hughes also said that he’s going to do whatever it takes to win, and that he wants to be a role model and leader for younger players on the team.

“I would like to say that I am responsible, hardworking, empathetic, and relentless… I try to hold my teammates and myself accountable for mistakes and I expect the best effort out of everyone on the team,” comments Hughes.

Hughes also has an incredible work ethic, and hopes that attitude can rub off on the younger athletes.

“If I’m giving my best effort everytime and so are other players, then I expect every single person on the team to match that effort. If they don’t, then I will hold them accountable for it and push them to do better” Hughes says.

Hughes models his basketball game after his favorite player, Russell Westbrook, the starting point guard on the Oklahoma City Thunder. He likes him because of his intense motor, grit, and winning attitude, all traits that apply to Hughes.

Hughes’s favorite soccer player since he’s been a kid has been Lionel Messi, the starting right winger for Barcelona because of his small size and still so tough to play against. Messi is only 5’7” which is small compared to other professional soccer athletes.

Hughes looks forward to the basketball season, with a lot of incoming freshman trying out. The soccer season is well underway. You can expect a big finale for Hughes with ambitions to make a big impact on the court and on the field.


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