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Lobby-O Denounces Vaping in WHS Bathrooms

An Editorial by The Lobby Observer (WHS’s online school newspaper:  lobbyobserver.org)

“It shall be unlawful for any student enrolled in either primary or secondary public schools in the Commonwealth, to use tobacco products, including vaporizers and other nicotine delivery devices of any type on school grounds at any time. Any student found using or in possession of any tobacco product on school grounds, on school buses or at school events will receive a three-day suspension from school and is subject to the consequences described in the Chemical Health Policy.” – WHS Student Handbook, p. 55 Smoking/Tobacco Use

The Lobby Observer editorial board collectively condemns the use of vape products in the WHS bathrooms. Recently, there has been a dramatic increase in vaping at WHS and nationally in schools.  According to a recent ABC news article, a 2016 report from the U.S. Surgeon General said e-cigarette use increased 900 percent among high school students from 2011 to 2015.  Not only is vaping unlawful and against WHS school policy, it is inconsiderate and disrespectful of fellow students who want to use the bathroom.  Students should not have to fear going to the bathroom due to the poor decision-making of a select group of students.

We also wish to inform you of some of the risk factors of vaping:  

  • Research suggests [vaping] can even prime the brain’s reward system, putting vapers at risk for addiction to other drugs (NIDA).
  • “Nicotine in e-cigarettes may have several negative health effects. Chronic nicotine exposure may lead to insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. . . . Inhaled nicotine increases heart rate and blood pressure. Nicotine is highly addictive in its own right, and it may lead to changes in the brain that increase the risk of addiction to other drugs, especially in young people” (The Boston Globe, Nov. 16, 2017).
  • Inhalation of the scented vapor has been linked to a number of health problems, including a possibly fatal condition called bronchiolitis obliterans, (better known as “Popcorn Lungs”) (The Roar, April 7, 2016).

The Lobby Observer denounces vaping in the WHS bathroom.  As one fellow Massachusetts student remarked, “If you’re getting into this… you will get addicted” (Hingham Wicked Local, November 6, 2017).

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