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A Poem to WHS

By:  Peter Howarth

Westborough High School




And on the roof, no pool


Four long years have brought me here

Shorter than they felt

So many memories

Ones I’ll remember forever

And others than will vanish, I fear


To my teachers:

You’ve lifted me up and kept me humble

Taught me lessons not in the textbooks

Helped me grow as a person

Never to misfeature


I’m going to miss the halls

Where I scrambled to do homework

Where I saw the same friends everyday

Where I lived for four years

With everyone of you all


I’m going to miss my classes

Where I joked around constantly

Where I tried to be productive

Where I daydreamed nonstop

Even though it was obvious to the masses


I’m going to miss my class

2018, we’ve been through it all

We “took over” the school very passively

We were the senior class that won’t be forgotten

And won’t let 2019 surpass


WHS raised me and now it’s time for me to leave

So I thank everyone and everything one more time, for what I have and will achieve

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