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WHS Alumni on First Year of College

By: Haley Welsh


As class of 2017 WHS graduates, WHS alumni Casey Welsh and Emma Grossman come to the conclusion of their freshman year of college.  Here they reflect on their first year.

Welsh attends Saint Anselm College, a small liberal arts school in New Hampshire. She recently changed her major from secondary education to english and psychology. Grossman, a former Lobby Observer editor, attends University of Missouri, a large public university in Missouri, and is a public relations major in their journalism school.

Grossman and Welsh were both surprised with the transition, admitting they expected it to be much more difficult than it was. Grossman explains how going to school in the midwest was a bit of a “culture shock”, but once she found her group of friends she quickly became acclimated to the new environment.

Welsh went to school much closer to home, yet agrees the transition can be a big change for everyone. She also explained how once she found her group of friends, school felt like home.

She says, “The beginning transition is just kind of weird for everyone so that was tough especially the first month. But, once you get settled in and find people to hang around with its very fun.”

While they each go to a very different type of school, they each agree that they left Westborough extremely prepared for college.

Welsh explains, “[Westborough] prepares you extremely well especially with writing. Midterms and finals in high school definitely helped for exams in college too.”

Grossman agrees, adding how being a Lobby-O editor helped her in a variety of subjects, from English to Economics.

She also said how she “[knows] how to use some of the video software” that she otherwise would not have. Additionally, Grossman explains the interpersonal aspect of journalism and how the Lobby-O helped her with this.

She comments, “Collaborating with people that you normally would not agree with can be hard so I have experience with that too.”  

Looking back on their college decisions and the process that came with it, Welsh and Grossman advise current seniors, juniors, and anyone else starting the college process to find the right school for them.

Grossman explains, “First you have to figure out what you want. Don’t go somewhere or don’t apply somewhere just because your friends are doing it. Be your own person.”

Welsh jokes, “Think about the food because people who hate the food at their school seem to have a much different experience.”

Overall, each alum is very happy with their school choice and praise WHS for how well they prepared them for life beyond high school.

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