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Spider-man Homecoming: A Web Above Spider-man 2013

By:  Katie Pascarella

The movie Spider-Man Homecoming directed by Jon Watts and released in 2017 was a great movie. In comparison with the other Spider-Man movies that have been filmed in the past, Spider-Man Homecoming is a much better adaptation of the comic book.

Tom Holland (21) played young Peter Parker. Holland portrayed the character of high school student Peter Parker much better than Andrew Garfield who at the time of the 2013 Spider-Man movie was about 30 years old and did not look like an average high schooler. Holland really did look like he could be in high school which made the story more believable. As a naive and sometimes innocent teenager, it is important to highlight these traits in Peter Parker’s character and Holland really acted well.

The 2013 Spider-Man movie was a good movie, but less realistic. The actors looked too old to be in high school and too mature. In the 2017 version, Peter Parker was portrayed authentically as an innocent high schooler who accidentally got powers and wanted to use them to be a part of the Avengers. In addition to telling the story really well, this movie is excellent because all different people can enjoy it. This is because it is a mix of all different kinds of movies.

If you like the movies that are set in a school, you would like this movie. If you like the Marvel movies you would most definitely enjoy this movie! If you like love/romantic kinds of movies, you could get a glimpse of that as Peter Parker tries to impress his high school crush Liz Allen. And if you like movies with some comedy, you would also love this movie.

This movie is enjoyable for people of almost all ages as well. They made the movie not too gory, not too inappropriate, and also threw in some comedy.

Spider-Man Homecoming was a phenomenal movie that I would definitely watch again. I highly recommend this fun movie to watch with the family.

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  1. Bev Pascarella

    January 17, 2018 at 10:03 am

    Excellent review !!! So good to hear that a sequel has improved and expanded from the original. Not always the case !!

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