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Why Friday Nights are Better with Lights

By Miara Sasdi and Gabrielle Delgado

At Westborough High, a night of exciting sports events, concession stands, and a connected community is always something that a community enjoys, which is why on Monday, October 16 there was a very exciting and positive outcome of the Westborough town meeting.

There were 36 articles on this year’s warrant with Article Three deciding whether or not four permanent lights would be installed on Westborough High School’s turf field. In this specific article a ⅔ vote was necessary in order for it to be passed, so with 967 votes in-favor 294 votes against, the article was passed. A 66% vote in favor was needed, but the result showed a 77%.

Bright lights keep community-based athletic events here at WHS possible, which is why voting to keep lights on for sports games will better the community and our school spirit. Many people of all ages spoke at the town meeting in favor of having permanent lights, from parents of students to residents who live on Charles Street who live closest to the school.  WHS student Bethany Woodcock spoke as well.

Installing permanent field lights is a very big deal not only within WHS but also within the community. Many Westborough residents joined together over the past months to gain support.   Mainly using the facebook page called, “Support WHS Field Lights & Renovation”,  many posted about why lights would be beneficial for Westborough High School and the community. They also regularly posted about getting more and more participants to help with getting the lights passed. Even students, specifically athletes, united over a weekend in the rotary with signs, and cheering in helps to get the community to join their side.

The topic of getting the field lights for the turf has been a conspicuous debate over the past year and many townspeople were conflicted, but now there has been a decision. The lights will not only bring together our community, but will also benefit our athletic department, music department,  parents of students who can now see their children play without having to leave work early, student council who run concessions, etc.

The biggest worry of students about the lights being voted on is that if it didn’t pass, high school athletes would never have the opportunity to play on under the lights ever again. Due to the new track, which also thankfully passed, generator lights would not be allowed to be rolled on the track, leading to no under the lights games ever again. High school athletes dream  to play under the lights especially during their senior year, but now not only will they be able to to do this once every year, but also multiple times throughout each year.

The turf lights will create an overall very positive effect on our community. Now that the vote is officially over, kickoffs for fundraising events have already begun, and excitement is not only filling the halls of WHS, but also throughout the town.


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  1. Emily

    December 19, 2017 at 12:04 pm

    This is really well written! I agree with all of this.

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