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Spoiler Alert: There Will Be a Stranger Things 3

By: Jenna Lewis-Keddy

The first season of Stranger Things aired back in July 15, 2016. The second season aired October 27, 2017. Now it has just come out that the show is renewed to air for a third season.

For Stranger Thing fans, this is no surprise. This Netflix original has become one of the most viewed shows on netflix. The season two premiere reached 16 million views and some 361,000 people binge watched all nine episodes in one day.

The renewal for season three was officially released on December 1, 2017. There has also been talk of a season four and maybe a season five. However, it is being said by the creators, the Duffer brothers, that they don’t think they will continue the show after season five. For people who have watched Stranger Things, their reasoning will make sense: why aren’t these people leaving Hawkins? The Duffer brothers think that the credibility of the show will be lost if the show continues longer than five seasons because it’s true, after what all of these people have been through why don’t they leave the town?

As for the cast of season three, I would expect the surviving cast from season two to be present. Some smaller cast members from the previous season are also being said to have a more prominent role in season three. Eleven’s lost sister 008 or Kali will be in season three more to hopefully explain her story. She was only seen in two episodes this past season where we learn about her powers and some of her past. Her story, however, is still spotty and we the viewers need to know more. 

What’s to come in season three, plot wise, is unknown at this point, however Stranger Things fans know it will be amazing and action packed with mysteries flying everywhere. Will Will be affected by some monster again? Will the demogorgons and Mind Flayer return in the new season? These are questions we all have, but sadly we’ll have to eagerly wait until season three.

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