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A Leader in the WHS Community: Annabella Biancheri

By:  Jackson Biancheri

For WHS students who are looking for an example of someone who has come out on top after making it through their high school experience, look no further than WHS senior Annabella Biancheri, leader of the WHS Rangers Marching Band.

Biancheri picked up her first trumpet eight years ago and now looks back fondly as she embarks on her final year in the high school band. She is even considering marching bands as a deciding factor in her future college plans.

Her favorite part of being in the band is the people with whom she plays.  She comments, “I like my squad in the trumpet section; we’re the best.”

It’s easy to see that the band students like to have fun and never fail to make lasting memories. She recalls her junior year in a game against Worcester, “We tried to impeach last year’s executioner captain, Eamonn Mazer, so that we wouldn’t have to perform in the rain.” She later mentions with a joking tone “…and we would’ve gotten away with it too if not for [Evan] Doyle (Band Director).”

But having fun with her friends isn’t the only benefit of participating in the band from her perspective. She has also become a person that people in the community can look up to as a role model, especially for students who could be struggling to excel with the many academic and social challenges at WHS.

Biancheri adds that “[Marching Band] is a big commitment and we work harder than a lot of people know. But overall, it’s been very rewarding.”

She gives the impression that prospective band members should join A.S.A.P. because she frequently hears stories of classmates who wish they had joined earlier. She also states with a laugh, “At least that’s what Doyle would want me to say.”

Entering her senior year at the high school, Biancheri was named the “Executioner” captain. Her new role has her orchestrating the routine that members of the trumpet and trombone section partake in between the third and fourth quarters at each football game. The routine includes about ten members swinging their instruments rapidly in every direction, strategically avoiding incidental contact. However, Biancheri reports that there have definitely been more than a few collisions during the long hours of practice.

Over the years, Biancheri has made abundant memories while becoming an important part of the school’s community in the process. While the future remains up in the air, the high school’s marching band has been just what Biancheri needed to optimize her experience as a Westborough Ranger.

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  1. Carol L.

    November 3, 2017 at 12:31 pm

    Awesome article; It’s really well written and engaging. Loved the quotes and the smooth flow.

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