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New Guidance Counselor, Ms. Kapusniak joining  WHS Community

By: Miara Sasdi and Haley Welsh

Ms. Kapusniak recently joined the Westborough High School guidance team, and is looking forward to helping students as well as contributing to the Westborough High School community.

Ms. Kapusniak is currently in her third year working as a guidance counselor; she spent the first two years of her counseling career working at a high school in Minnesota. She found out about Westborough while planning to move closer to her family who live in upstate New York. She explains how “as [she] was looking for jobs [she] stumbled upon Westborough…it sounded like a great place so [she] really wanted to come here and be a part of this community.”

Even though she really enjoys being a guidance counselor, it was not what she always thought she wanted to do. In fact, she went into college as an engineering major, but after realizing that it wasn’t for her, she decided to switch her major.

“I took a psychology class during my freshman year of college and I really loved it so I decided to change my major to psychology,” comments Ms. Kapusniak.   Within her major, she took many educational/child psychology classes, which led her to discover that she wanted to become a guidance counselor.

Ms. Kapusniak explains how her transition to her new job has been great and how “everyone has been very helpful and supportive.” With the help of the other counselors, she has learned what WHS is like and has met many new students here. By working with the other counselors who have much more experience than she, Ms. Kapusniak finds that they have been able to help her improve her counseling.

As a new member in the community, the new guidance counselor has some goals in mind for the future. Specifically, she wants to get more involved in the Westborough community. Currently, she is helping to coach the cheer team and plans to continue this role. Additionally, she looks forward to getting to know each and every one of her students individually, as well as “become a part of this school.”

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