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Chipolte’s New Queso: Disappointment

by:  Matt Doherty

As many Chipotle fanatics would know, Chipolte just introduced their new queso to the menu.  I know what you’re all thinking: this addition was the only way Chipotle could get even better. Finally adding queso would end the debate of whether Chipolte or Moe’s is better.  But guess what you’re wrong. Chipotle’s hyped queso is nothing better than watered down Kraft mac n cheese. When you think of Chipotle, you think of all the magnificent flavors and spices. Then how come the queso is so different?

As a Chipotle enthusiast, I am very disappointed in the new queso for many reasons. The fact that I had  to pay $1.50 extra to put it on my burrito and then couldn’t taste it was absurd.  You might think it would taste better if you dip chips in it, well guess what wrong again.  The queso is so watery that it barely stays on the chip, and it might make you cry watching your queso slowly drip off the chip.

A message to Chipotle. I have no idea how you possibly messed up queso to the point that it made me write a terrible review in my school newspaper. It’s not too late though. Chipotle, you still have time to change your recipe. You do not have to lose money on this product, simply change the ingredients and thicken the overall queso. Chipotle, I am rooting for you. Please come back with a better queso and make me fall back in love with the Mexican grill I know and love.    

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