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Environmental Club Needs You

FullSizeRender (3)By Navdeep Mander

Have you heard of Westborough High School’s Environmental Club? You can catch members Terracycling juice boxes, volunteering at farms, and improving the high school’s very own garden.

Environmental Club has consistently been a champion in helping the environment for years. Although, the club does not receive a lot of publicity, the club’s work has enabled WHS to take more initiative to make the world a safer and cleaner place to live.

Earlier in the year, the club visited the Heirloom Harvest in Westborough and volunteered with Farmer John. Club members sorted squashes and did many other tasks to help out the people working on the farm.  According to the club’s President senior Caroline Reynolds  “Heirloom Harvest is a good opportunity for members to really learn about where their food is coming from.”

The club is planning on organizing more trips in the future. The club hopes to use this exposure to grow vegetables in the school garden.

Recently Environmental Club has been working on a garden by the track. They plan on planting carrots, lettuce, and other healthy vegetables. “The garden has brought the club together,” says Reynolds. Every week they do some weeding to prepare for the planting season.

Besides gardening, Environmental Club has played a huge role in setting up Terracycle. While many have not heard of this process, Terracycle is a company that recycles juice pouches, chip bags, ziploc bags and various other items. Environmental Club recently sent out over eight boxes full of recyclable materials last month. The members sort out the Terracycle bins in the cafeteria as a way to reduce the amount of food items students waste during lunch.

Want to join in making our environment a better place? The club meets in Mr. Huse’s room every Wednesday after school. It is a friendly and open environment. New members are welcome.

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  1. Anna

    January 5, 2017 at 1:53 pm

    Cool article, I’m glad to see the positive effect that E-club has had on this school.

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