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Engineering Club: Looking to Build Club

By:  Mary Kate Lehman

image1With only 6-8 members currently, the Engineering Club is looking to grow in the future. The club was founded in November 2015 when sophomores Dylan Connors and Matt Rotman expressed an interest in expanding the engineering program at WHS. Their advisors, Mr. Parsons and Mr. Hall, were quick to agree. With the approval of Mr. Callaghan, the club was officially created.

Rotman says, “Our goal is to teach our members what the process of engineering is and how to use it.” The club meets Mondays and Fridays after school to work on projects like designing airplanes that can safely carry an egg to the ground and building a go-cart. Sophomore Max Flerra says that his favorite aspect of the club is “being here with my friends but doing something at the same time. We’re trying to accomplish a task.”

Connors remarks that “engineering can be fun, it’s not just like learning. The club is about having fun as well as communicating with each other on certain ideas and topics. It’s not just about building stuff, it’s also about how it’s built. It’s fun.”

Connors and Rotman hope to leave behind a club with a legacy, expressing their wish for a club that continues long after they have graduated from Westborough High School. Rotman states that he likes it because “we kind of get to choose what we do with it and what we do affects what happens and if it works or not.”

The boys are still working to figure out some of the logistics of the club; they are trying to determine how to do certain projects and effective ways of running a club while still having fun: Connors states that he’s learned that, “when you think of a project, it seems a lot more difficult when you’re actually building it than when you’re designing it because when you first think of it, you don’t realize all the challenges that come with it.”

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  1. Alli Avola

    June 10, 2016 at 1:51 pm

    This article does a great job of informing the reader about the club. I was engaged the whole time I was reading because you touched upon many aspects of the club such as the history of it and what they hope to do in the future. Great job!

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