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Officer Dapolite: WHS Liaison Officer Extraordinaire

by Travis Beaney

WESTBOROUGH–Walking the halls of the Westborough Public Schools is a man who enforces law and order within the school system as well as in the town of Westborough. Chip Dapolite is the Westborough Public School liaison officer.

“I bridge the communication gap between the police and school departments,” says Dapolite.

Dapolite, a Westborough native, has lived in the town for thirty years. He attended and graduated from Suffolk University where he majored in Criminology and Law and minored in Criminal Psychology. While in college, Dapolite had an internship with the Massachusetts State Police Auto Theft Task Force, which motivated him to become an officer.  

He then applied for the position of Liaison Officer in Westborough after working in Boylston and Southborough and working in Westborough as an officer for six years. He has been a law enforcement officer for twelve years and has been with the school for four.

Dapolite attends to different types of calls depending on the day, or how many officers are on that day. If enough officers are on duty that day then he only answers school related calls.  If there aren’t enough officers, he answers all calls. The types of issues that students come to him with are: student conflict issues, bullying, thefts, drugs and other issues that overlap between the Town of Westborough and the Westborough Public Schools.

Officer Dapolite is a friend to many students and helps keep the halls of Westborough High School safe. When asked if he had anything to say to students at WHS, he said simply, “Stay safe, stay young and have fun at high school.”

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  1. Jenna Lewis-Keddy

    November 17, 2015 at 4:57 pm

    I like how you wrote about someone that is so greatly appreciated in the Westborough community because it makes it easier for readers to relate. Overall, this article was very well written.

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