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Best Buddies Update

October 29, 2011

By: Katelyn Moore Best Buddies is a club that is built on the solid grounds of friendship, making it ta very meaningful club at Westborough High School. Best Buddies is a non profit organization dedicated to creating a one...

Facing History and Ourselves Looks to Expand Student Opportunities

April 7, 2011

By: Alyssa Noble and Brian Orlando The Facing History Club has been struggling to become an officially recognized WHS club for the past two years; however, this year the F.H.C. is pleased to announce it's official....

Pottery at WHS

April 7, 2011

By: Brendan Goodliffe and Cara Berg Since 2003, the Pottery Club has provided an extra curricular activity for the students of WHS who are interested in art. Pottery Club is a student driven club; it was founded with the purpose...

E-Club Hosts Battle of the Bands

March 22, 2011

  By: Meredith Geller and Annie Meaney After months of planning, Westborough High School’s Environmental Club presents a new and much anticipated fundraiser, Battle of the Bands which will be held on Friday, March 18. For five dollars a ticket at lunch and s...

A Small Group, Making A Big Difference: WHS’s ULEAD group

May 19, 2010

Westborough High School’s ULEAD group is an exclusive group of students who are against destructive decisions. This group gathers to discuss issues that pertain to what they believe is right. The group members, including the leaders and th...

Let the Campaigning Begin! Student Council Releases Election Date

April 15, 2010

Recently, the WHS Student Council released a time line of dates pertaining to the Student Council and class officer upcoming elections. On Monday, April 26th, the day school resumes after April vacation; nomination papers will...

Gay-Straight Alliance "Day of Silence"

March 30, 2010

The Gay-Straight Alliance at Westborough High School is set to host a school-wide Day of Silence on Friday, April 16th. An event supported by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) to promote safe schools, th...

Recycling Money: One WHS Club Looks to help Central America's Poor

February 11, 2010

During the holiday season were you searching for a small holiday gift at a reasonable price? For most the answer to this question would be a definite yes. One Westborough High School Club was looking to meet your need by selling...

WHS Club Profile: SASA

December 4, 2009

The South Asian Student Association (SASA) is meets every Wednesday in Mrs. Perryman's room. The club’s mission: to introduce students to a part of the world perhaps not explored in depth in the high school classroom as well...

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