New England Sports Review

Well it’s that time of year again. ESPN is going crazy trying to fill us in on all of Sunday’s football games, last night’s hockey games, this week’s World Series matchup, and the NBA’s preseason workouts. Wait, scratch that last one. But anyways, I’d be lying if I said everything in Boston seems to be going smoothly.

BOSTON RED SOX: Wow, where to start. In just a couple weeks, we’ve witnessed the team collapse beyond belief, not just in the standings, but also with their personnel. So here’s how it all played out:
1.) The Sox blow their wildcard lead to miss the playoffs.
2.) Terry Francona is given the goodbye.
3.) Lester, Lackey, and Beckett admit to drinking beer and eating fried chicken in the clubhouse during games they weren’t pitching in.
4.) Theo Epstein basically finalizes a deal to move to the Cubs.
Wow, where will this team be in 2012? I wish I could answer that question with confidence, but truthfully, I have no idea! The Sox are a mess and should be looking for a Military General to take over the club. When players, coaches, and the front office are not on the same page, it’s nearly impossible to succeed.

BOSTON BRUINS: Alright, alright, calm down people. Last night’s four goal victory over previously undefeated (in regulation) Toronto Maple Leafs should calm most people down. With Thomas in the net, the B’s are 3-2 and outscored their opponents 16-10. The young star center, Tyler Seguin, has been impressive thus far, totaling eight points in the team’s first seven games. Trust me, the team is doing FINE. Give them a couple weeks, and I can assure you they’ll be among the top teams in the league.

NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS: With the best record in the AFC (5-1), the Patriots have looked very solid. I think they’ve looked so good, that I’ll even call them my AFC Champions. Yeah, yeah, I’ve heard – the Buffalo Bills are good. But, if you’ve watched Bill Belichick’s teams over the past decade or so, they simply do NOT lose to the same team twice in the regular season. Take the Jets last year for example: the Pats lost the first matchup of the season. However, just eleven weeks later, they crushed that very same Jets team by 42 points. I have no worries about this team. With Brady throwing to Welker, Hernandez, and Gronkowski, I’d be silly to have any fear. The team has balanced a superb passing attack with a solid ground game. This strategy has clearly been effective, evident by their 31 points per game. Playing at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh will serve as a test for this team. After that game, we’ll be able to determine whether this year’s squad is a solid group or an elite competitor.

BOSTON CELTICS: Darn, looks like we won’t be having a NBA season this winter, at least not a full one. The owners and players are so far apart that I see essentially no hope for this league. That’s a sad thought, especially for the Boston Celtics, whose big three will age one more year without playing any ball. The Celtics as we’ve come to know over the past couple years will be gone. When the two sides agree, Danny Ainge is going to have to find some young talent to accompany Rondo, Green, and Big Baby. It’s certainly sad to say, but Pierce, Allen, and KG’s run in Boston seems to be coming to an end.