Sleepless: A Book Where Your Worst Nightmares Become Reality

by Ali Strand

Sleepless is a goose bump raising tale that will have you holding your breath until the last page! What if the one place you could dream sweetly became your real life nightmare? Trinity Michaels is known as the “Goth girl” around school and is anything but ordinary. Trinity aspires to be a normal teenager because she has the unfortunate ability to dream walk, causing her to find out the deepest of secrets that others keep quiet for a reason. This ability causes emotional stress that others can’t compare to even after the greatest tragedy.

Trinity’s “skill” causes her to amble into an act that is criminal on the highest level—murder. Trinity is unable to save her friend Kiri in time before she was killed by Rafe Stevens, who after the trial was unrightfully put in an insane asylum. Rafe now stalks Trinity in her dreams, seeking revenge for all the pain she’s caused him. Will Trinity be able to wake up alive?

Sleepless by Terri Clark is a thriller that will force chills up and down your spine until you turn the last page. The book combines action with thrill and throws romance into the mix. Sleepless is perfect for all young adult readers, using language and phrases that show you can relate to a character who seems to have nothing in common with you. This is an addicting book that hooks you from the first page catching the interests of horror and romance fanatics.

While Clark does use clichés and throws in some forced fright, the overall plot of the story overshadows the elements that don’t flow. A story of a teenager that has got herself in too deep, now the question is will she be able to get herself out? Sleepless is a must read for all those that love a romantic and terrifying adventure.