New City Microcreamery: Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Worth A Try

Sahana Karthik '25, Contributing Writer

New City Microcreamery is a dessert place that offers ice cream, ice cream cakes, drinks, and other seasonal treats. They were voted Best Ice Cream in Massachusetts in 2018 and have only continued to grow. They first opened in Hudson in 2015 where the business developed and eventually more shops were opened in Cambridge and Sudbury in 2018 and 2022 respectively.

New City starts off by freezing the ice cream base, infused with its flavor, for 24 hours in their refrigerator. The ice cream base is then poured into the mixer and is combined with liquid nitrogen which is less than -300°F. The ice cream is continuously combined in the large stand mixer which allows for a lighter and more airy feel to the ice cream.

Based on the current season and the freshest items, New City offers a variety of drinks and ice cream flavors. Currently, they have a winter drinks menu with items ranging from a Peppermint Mocha to a Gingerbread Latte.

New City carries custom ice cream cakes year-round that are perfect for any celebration. A more convenient manner to try out their ice cream is through a local Whole Foods. Pints of their ice cream are sold in select Whole Foods across Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire.

I ordered an ice cream with a normal scoop of the Baklava and another of the Apple Crisp, priced at $7.75 in total. The Baklava was a really interesting flavor that I have never seen before at any other store. I love the pastry and I was shocked at how similar the ice cream tasted to a Baklava. There were small pieces of baked filo pastry dough that weren’t soggy and tasted just as sweet as a normal Baklava piece. The flavors of the nuts were very clear. They added the right combination of ingredients to make an authentic Baklava ice cream.

Sahana Karthik ’25

The Apple Crisp ice cream tasted just like fall. I loved the taste of the maple in the ice cream. It was definitely a delicious twist on the fall flavors. The cinnamon was prominent, but not in a way that was too overpowering.

I was also curious to try New City’s iced Brown Butter Praline Latte with oat milk, priced at $6.25 for a medium. The type of milk added into the coffee is customizable and the drink can be ordered iced or hot. It was super sweet and tasted a lot like butter cookies. It was not my favorite out of everything that I tried, but if you enjoy super sweet drinks, this is definitely for you.

New City’s location in Hudson is a cozy place, but there are usually many people inside the store to order so I recommend being prepared to wait some time. This is a welcoming place to grab a nice and sweet treat.

New City’s Microcreamery website:
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The Hudson location hours are:
Sunday: 9AM-10PM
Monday: 9AM-10PM
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Wednesday: 9AM-10PM
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