Perfectly Combining Murder and Comedy- Only Murders in the Building

Are you searching for a new series to binge watch? Well, look no further, because this show will have you falling off your seat in suspense and laughter. Only Murders in the Building, streaming on Hulu, is a comedic take on murder mystery shows. Starring Steve Martin as Charles Haden-Savage, Martin Short as Oliver Putnam, and Selena Gomez as Mabel Mora, this show will take you on a ride you’re not likely to forget.

The three main characters all meet in an elevator when going to their apartment in The Arconia. All three of them are vastly different, except for their shared passion for murder mystery podcasts. So what better thing to do when a murderer strikes in the very building you live in? Make a murder mystery podcast of course! Watching this wacky trio solve the death of Tim Kono makes for both a mysterious and hilarious experience.

Murder mystery is a genre that can very easily fit into a cliche that is done a thousand times. The directors did a phenomenal job of creating a story that’s distinct and added clever comedy that isn’t cheesy. This show with its plot twists, characters personalities, and the story itself is practically up to par with the best murder mystery writer of all time, Agatha Christie. Adding the comedy really added to it.

The character building is also fantastic. Each one is different but they’re still fleshed out. Over the ten episodes in season one the characters not only grow closer together but also it’s shown that all their differences and styles complement one another yet still bring out their similarities. Just like real life, the characters aren’t just two-dimensional or stereotypical- they feel like real people and it’s refreshing for a show in this genre. 

If you’re looking for something not too serious but still intriguing, then this is definitely the show for you. And maybe watch your back because there’s a murderer in the building.