WHS Students Meet with Administration to Discuss Racism, School Culture Improvement, and Curriculum

Matthew Willar '22, Co-Editor

On Wednesday, January 12, WHS Student Council organized an Open Meeting with Administration in the auditorium. Approximately 20 students and some teachers attended to ask questions to administrators about concerns of racism, how to better our school, and changes in the curriculum. All three administrators were present along with Athletic Director Mrs. DiCarlo. 

Student Council opened up to questions to be asked on their Instagram and were presented to administration during the meeting. There were also questions posed to administration from students and teachers in attendance. Lots of important and essential questions were asked. 


Below are some of the questions and responses that were asked: 

Q: “How did administration handle the recent racist graffiti incident?” 

A: Multiple steps were taken. First, the security cameras were checked to see who entered the stairwell at the time. An interview was conducted with the person who reported the incident. That person reported it after school, but it was later determined that the incident took place during period 5. The student was identified and received a suspension and is currently reading a book with Mr. Lefebvre to educate them on the harm and hate they caused by doing this act. 

Q: “Can we incorporate a book in English classes written by a person from the LGBTQ+ community?

A: We can work with the English Department to see if that would be a possibility. People ask a lot, “Why are all these books written by dead white men?” It would be great to see more diversity within books read in English classes. 

Q: “Can the school provide more places for people identifying as Muslim to pray during the school day?” 

A: Yes. There are students who like to pray alone and students who like to pray together. We want to make those students feel as comfortable as possible. Mrs. DiCarlo added possibly remodeling the shower areas in the locker rooms into a comfortable space for praying. 

Q: “What can students do to promote decent and kind behavior throughout the school?” 

A: Check in on your friends, and make sure your friends are comfortable. Your friend might tell you they are ok with you using the n-word around them, but they really might be offended by it. Have conversations with them. 

Q: “Can we have study halls?” 

A: It is something that has been considered. We know other schools have it and we know students at Westborough would benefit from it. 

Q: “Why are there so many buffalo options at lunch?” 

A: Since lunches are free this year, there are some restrictions on what can be served at lunch. Mr. Lefebvre added that he is a big fan of the buffalo options. 


StuCo is planning with Administration to hold another Open Meeting in February.  Stay tuned for details.