Ms. Biggs, Dedicated to Teaching and Helping Kids Succeed

Noor Osmany , Contributing Writer

Known for her fun science T-Shirts and enthusiasm for learning, you won’t find a teacher more dedicated to teaching and helping students grow at Westborough High School. 

Ms. Biggs teaches Honors and AP Chemistry in room C202 and comes to school every day with an upbeat attitude. Although Ms. Biggs has been teaching for 35 years and loves to teach, she hadn’t always known that she wanted to be a teacher. 

Coming out of high school, Ms. Biggs originally wanted to become a doctor. She had always loved science in school, especially chemistry. She went to college at Holy Cross and studied chemistry and pre-med with the intention of getting a medical degree. However, after getting her degree at Holy Cross, Ms. Biggs was uncertain if she wanted to become a doctor after hearing how hard medical school can be from her peers. 

Ms. Biggs remembered how much she liked working with kids from tutoring and working at camps in the past, so she decided to get a teaching degree instead of going to Med School. 

Ms. Biggs originally taught at Northampton High School but then later decided to teach at Westborough High School instead so she could be closer to Boston. 

When asked what the best part about being a teacher was, Ms. Biggs simply replied, “The kids. They’re funny, they make me laugh”.

Ms. Biggs loves how every day is a little different, and she enjoys learning something new with her students each day. As she puts it “Learning is my job”. Ms. Biggs also loves the freedom of being a teacher, how there’s no one telling you what to do and how to do it all the time.

When she’s not in the classroom or planning a lesson, Ms. Biggs enjoys skiing in the winter and riding her bike to and from school when the weather is good. Ms. Biggs also loves to watch sports, especially football, and can often be seen cheering on WHS sports teams at their games. 

Ms. Biggs used to water ski and her name can be found in the New England Lacrosse Hall of Fame. She can also bake some mean banana bread which she likes to bring in to share with her class. 

Ms. Biggs sees herself 10 years in the future retired watching sports, skiing, golfing, and traveling. 

You won’t find a teacher more dedicated to their students than Ms. Biggs. Whether in or out of the classroom, Ms. Biggs is there to cheer on her students. I think it’s safe to say that WHS is very lucky to have Ms. Biggs as a teacher here.