TikTok Trend Continues



Carolyn Gencarelli '23, Contributing Writer

Many parents and teens wonder: why are people spending so much time on TikTok? And what’s so great about it? Currently, TikTok has 850 million users and has been downloaded over 2 billion times.

The videos are very short and trendy making them similar to a previous app called Vine. Tik Tok is known for being convenient to use and easy to upload content. Also, the content is very simple to share onto other platforms, for example, Instagram.

Videos are created specifically for you, the app puts content on your “For You” tab that have things to do with your interests based on other videos you like and watch.

The best part is anyone can use it and it doesn’t require an account. Users can download the app and watch some videos, and if they decide they want to upload content, they would then have to download.

Users could also apply to be a part of the TikTok creator fund where you can make money on videos you post. Due to TikTok constantly refreshing their content it is easy to have a video go viral, since it could be added to anyone’s For You page if you decide to have a public account.

Charli D’Amelio has now become a Tik Tok sensation with 99.0 million followers. D’Amelio is only 16 years old; she gained her follower count last year by posting videos of her doing Tik Tok dances. Her family also quickly rose to fame moving to a new mansion and kick-starting their youtube channel.

Some other famous Tik Tok creators include Bryce Hall and his six friends who created the “Sway House.” This is a group of male creators living together under one Bel Air mansion making content.

Once you have downloaded the app people claim it is “addictive.” This is due to the fresh content, the use of music, dance, and memes tied together to trending topics. It is also a way for people to express themselves and connect with others. Since TikTok is not only in the U.S., you see people from all over the world making videos.

WHS sophomore Casey Bruck shares, “It’s [using Tik Tok] a way to take up time, very entertaining and a fun different way to connect with friends.”

TikTok is also a great way for people to learn. There are so many different people creating content you can learn about different cultures, people’s interests, etc. Also, so many positive people on the app have great tips for coping with stress, emotions, or really anything you are going through.

It’s also a way to bring people together while bringing up good spirits and just overall a great laugh.

WHS sophomore Jack Bedar says “It’s a great use of an app, it takes up my time, helps me learn new information, teaches me about other parts of the world and gives me a laugh.”