Will the NFL Survive Coronavirus?

Jackson Birkhead 23', Contributing Writer

After we all endured a horrendous 8 months of 2020, it looked like football returning might be something to finally help save this year. However, will the league be able to play its full season or will it fold due to COVID-19?
After a couple of weeks of the season it seems to be looking good, but will it last? This good start is due to several reasons, they made sure to test everyone daily as well as the league has limited the number of people allowed in facilities. While the number of cases in the league that has tested positive is very low right now, all it takes is one to test positive. This is especially true with football considering it is a contact sport. If just one person on the team catches it, more than likely it spreads quickly. Not only will it spread to that person’s team but also if they play a game with the disease it’ll spread to that team as well.
If this were to happen, what would the NFL do? They would have to delay the game, but with a league with a strict weekly schedule, it will be much harder to do this. For instance, look at the MLB. While it has yet to fold it has been far from the smooth season. There have been constant positive tests that have led to many covid delays. The NFL is going to have an incredibly difficult time avoiding this considering the size of the league. It’s much too big to have a bubble-like the NBA.
Personally, as much as I want to believe that the league can succeed, it just doesn’t seem likely. There just seems to be so many things that could go wrong and to act like none of them will happen just seems crazy. Maybe and hopefully I’ll be wrong but I seriously doubt it.