William Burger: A Senior Profile, Class of 2020

Brady Volin and Matty Burger

Westborough High School senior Will Burger was born in Boston, Massachusetts. He lived in Belmont, Northborough, and settled in Westborough a few years later. Burger has two siblings, Matthew (freshman at WHS) and Abigail (sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania). He currently lives with his mother, father, and brother whom he loves dearly. 

Burger’s favorite childhood memory was going to Disney World. These trips were his favorite because he could spend quality time with his family while having fun at the same time. He also loved being able to have that “kid energy” and run around the park. His favorite thing to do at Disney is watch the stunt show, Lights, Motors, Action because he has always loved cars.

Burger has many passions in life, his biggest being soccer. Burger has been playing soccer since a very young age. As soon as he started playing he fell in love with the sport. Burger comments, “Soccer feels like my escape from other problems, in school and life.” 

 He currently is playing soccer for the WHS varsity team. He primarily plays center defensive back but also plays left wing. 

Burger’s favorite activity is spending time with family, whether it is playing board games, sports, or just watching a movie. His favorite restaurant to go to with his family is Volturno in Worcester. Burger enjoys the quality time he spends with them, he says, “I think it is very important as a kid to have that guidance when you are growing up.”

When asked about the first day of senior year, Burger claims he enjoyed parading through the town, running into school, and celebrating himself being a senior with all his friends.

Even though he is enjoying his senior year, Burger is still very excited for college because of the opportunities and experiences he will have. He is also looking forward to making new friends and being in a new environment. Burger believes that college will help him grow as a person and it will help him become more independent.