President Aaron Tian: Listening to the Class of 2023

Shawn Levine ‘23 and Jake Birkhead ‘23, Contributing Writers

Last year the Class of 2023 elected their first high school president: Aaron Tian. Tian wanted to run for class president because he loves the WHS community.

I want to give some fake, cheesy story about being ‘motivated to help all the people’. I won’t though, because I’m (somewhat) honest. The truth is, I love the people here and the community that we form. I simply wanted to be able to play a larger role in watching it grow and change,” says Tian.

The class office experience has been good so far; Tian says he enjoys working with the great people he gets to meet, especially class treasurer Shawn Levine. One thing that the student government is working on is raising money for events such as the junior prom. 

Tian believes his role as class president is “…not so much of me ‘planning’ on accomplishing anything as it is being readily available to listen to people’s concerns and act on them. After all, I serve the people, not myself.” 

 Many people believe that Tian was elected because of his determination and ability to listen.  However Tian doesn’t have an answer to why he was elected. He also is very smart, kind, and good at talking with people. He believes that these are qualities that should be possessed by every class president. 

He enjoys school; his favorite classes are math and English.  Tian also partakes in several school activities including participating as a class officer, playing the clarinet in the school band, and competing on the robotics team Redshift 4048. When it comes to sports, he plays tennis. 

Tian shows a lot of promise going into his first year as class president.