Senior Testimonial: Matt McCarthy

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Senior Testimonial: Matt McCarthy

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Matt McCarthy ’19

This is weird. No part of me thinks it should be time to write this testimonial. After reading these for the past several years it’s surreal to be on the other end of things, as it’s finally our time to move on to life after Westborough. That’s the weird part, life after Westborough. I have lived in the same house downtown, for my entire life so this town is everything I know in a way, and I am excited for what life holds outside the bubbIe will always remember my last game of lacrosse during freshman year when one of the seniors told the team “Enjoy it boys, it’ll be over before you know it”, referring to the three years of high school I had left. At the time I didn’t really know what to think, it was May 2015 and the school year still had another month to drag on then after that three whole years.

Then sophomore year came along with a few major milestones such as getting my license which only added to the time flying by. Same can be said with junior year, everyone starts getting lost in the drama of prom and the inevitable college search that has just started to pick up. Once this happens time as you know it no longer applies. I just remember always thinking of both things as so far away and something I would deal with when I was older.  

But before I knew it, I was returning my tux and making weekend trips to campuses all over the map. Those first few tours really put it in perspective that sooner than later it would be my turn to go off to one of these schools. While being lost in the process of finding a school, I went through my summer almost not taking it in enough and I realized this with only a few weeks to go in my final high school summer. I can’t say exactly what it was that made me have this realization, but from then on out I made sure to take in every last moment I have here in Westborough. Still even with this mindset, senior year was on a whole different level regarding the time, first day to now felt like weeks but here we are.

As I said earlier, Westborough is all I’ve really had which means there a lot of things that have stayed constant throughout the past 18 years. One of those being my super group of amazing friends, some I’ve known since literally day one and others I didn’t really know until high school. Regardless, these were the people I spent essentially everyday with over the past four years. I don’t think I ever fully realized it then but these people have made me who I am and I couldn’t thank all of them enough for everything the past few years.

To The House, Droogs or whatever we happen to call ourselves, thank you. The past few year have been an unreal ride and its really crazy to be sitting here with only a few months left until everyone does goes off to do their own thing. We have had some crazy good times over the years from backyard ball, hanging out with James, packing Dill for a late night whip to showing out in full force at each others games.

I don’t know if any of us realized it at the time, but these days will be some of our best high school memories and will be something we can all look back on for years to come. I think we spent enough time together to consider each other family, and I’m proud to call you boys brothers.

With that, I can’t skip over my brothers that I am actually related to. Jack, if you ever read this thank you for being my best friend. We’ve had a lot of good times and made some great memories, while also getting through some really tough times. I can’t wait to see where you go from here, keep killing it in lacrosse and skate on.

My older brother Will has been one of my biggest influences in life. He graduated from WHS in 2005 which means at this time in his life, I was a wild 5 year old with a head way too big for my body. That being said, I have looked up to him since day one was always trying to fit in with him and his friends despite the 14 year age gap. In recent years he has been someone who was always there for me and could always be relied on for a helping hand, no matter the situation. It can be as simple as music,  he started to introduce me to different artists that I wouldn’t have appreciated at a earlier time. It may seem small but these sessions are what eventually developed my music taste and how big a part music now plays in my life. So Willy, if you’re reading this thanks for showing me how to enjoy the little things, sometimes you just have to sit back and take it in.

Annnd MOM! My rock. Thank you so much for everything. Words can’t describe how grateful I am for all you did for Jack and me. When my dad passed during sophomore year, my mom was always there for me if I needed to talk about anything no matter what it was. Without her I have no clue where I would be but I would definitely be a lot less organized. There is nothing I will miss more than the green house on Harrison Ave, but the memories made will be with me forever.

Well yeah, that’s it. WHS you’ve been real good to me, I can’t really complain about anything. It’s crazy looking back to the start  when I was absolutely lost in the sauce of freshman year. When you get here everyone tells you to take it in because its gonna be over before you know it. And you know what, they were some smart people. I did it as much as I could and stand here days from graduation more than happy with the memories I’ve made. BUt If you’re an underclassman reading this I can’t stress enough how fast this will all go by. Don’t waste anytime, take a class if you want to take it beause if you do its going to make school that much less stressful. Finally, have fun. It’s okay to lighten up every once in a while, and the college process is definitely not worth stressing over. Just get your work done and everything will be just fine.

And with that, my last piece of high school work is done, never thought I would get here but hey, I think I’m in the clear.