Westborough: A Town Comparable to a Caring Mother

Ryan Nichols ’19

As senior year comes down to its last few days, seniors are expected to look back at their time at the high school and reflect on what we did during our time here. While I knew this time was bound to come, I never thought about how hard it would really be. If I am going to reflect on my time at Westborough High School, where do I start? The first step I chose to take was to simply look at the first word in WHS… Westborough.

I can’t look back on my high school experience without first thinking about how I arrived where I am in the first place. Westborough is the place I came to right after I was born, the place my parents chose to raise me and my older sister, Alexa, and Westborough is the place where I will be departing for the next phase of my life. It hurts to think I will no longer be in the town I love, but that’s exactly why it is so hard to imagine myself away from it. Westborough has offered me a safe, nurturing community that truly looks to create the model citizen with the tools to succeed in a setting outside of Westborough.

As a student, Westborough made me want to get out of bed and learn something. Every school, elementary to high school, I always had teachers who cared and did what they could to motivate us to be good students and good people. They also made sure that every individual is enjoying themselves and has some way of being a unique and important being in some facet of life. School is always something that kids and young adults look at in a negative connotation, but why is it when I drive by these old school buildings that I used to attend–do I not have memories of constant stress and work, but instead memories of happiness and accomplishment?

Westborough did more for me then just develop me as a scholar, but it also shaped me into the person I am and provided me with much more as I tackle life on my own. This town taught me lessons of how to treat others and inversely, how to deal with others and their different views and ideals. Westborough does an incredible job with introducing its citizens to the differences that people throughout the world possess and explaining that these differences are not only okay, but deserve to be treated with the level of respect that you would expect everyone else to treat you with. It is a town that is nicknamed ‘The Bubble’, because of the level of safety, lack of diversity, and renown standing in other areas compared to towns throughout the state. This town may have some special privileges that most other towns can’t offer to the citizens that occupy it, but I am sure that not many places will educate its people of the other places and what type of situation they are in. So yes, while we may not be seeing such diverse people and situations, I do feel that when someone different is in front of me I will know exactly how to connect to them and make them feel comfortable and happy.

Now that I take my next steps in life and move into adulthood, I also have to ask myself who I want to be like and what a great role model looks like. The examples that pop into my head are mostly people that I have had the chance to see everyday. My parents are the two people that I look up to the most because of the way they go about life. I have been so fortunate to have parents who want me to have fun and enjoy my childhood, but also want me to go off into adulthood as ready and prepared as ever. I have always listened to them when I was in need of advice and one thing they alway tell me is to appreciate the little things that you may not even notice everyday. My mom in particular told me that this town should never be taken for granted and that what Westborough provided us allowed me to get to where I am today.

It’s true, of course, Westborough has given me everything I need and more as college slowly creeps up. But what I love most about this town and will always be with me are the memories I have made here.

Westborough has been my home, my playground, my sports arena, and my school grounds from the first days of my life. This town has allowed me to find what I love to do and the people who have been with me to go through life heard first. While some people may look back on their career at WHS and have some regrets or doubts, I choose to look back on my life in this town as a whole and feel appreciative of Westborough and what it’s people have done for me. I love this town.