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Junior Takeover: Yay or Nay?

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By: Samantha Steinberg

As the 2017-2018 school year nears its end, WHS celebrates an annual tradition for the juniors to do “junior takeover” the week after the seniors end their year. It is a time for the school to recognize the juniors as new coming seniors and the oldest kids in the high school.

To celebrate this exciting moment, there is spirit wear assigned for each day of the week; Tuesday is blackout, Wednesday is Hawaiian, Thursday is superhero, and Friday is U.S.A. wear.

At the start of school on Tuesday, students will gather as a grade and chant, “This is our house” in the lobby, a chant led by the school administration this year.

It has also been a tradition for the new seniors to stampede through the halls and scream in excitement; however, the school warned the juniors this year that yelling would not be allowed; This was an exclamation that upset many people. Many people see “junior takeover” as a way to show their school spirit as well as enthusiasm towards becoming a senior, but other people believe that it is pointless.

As a new senior myself I think that it is a great way to express school character. However, is it really necessary to be mad at the school administration for not letting you scream in the underclassmen’s faces or parking in the upper “senior lot?” To some people it is, but I personally think solely wearing spirit wear can spread just as much energy.

People also tend to point out that we are not actually seniors yet because the other seniors haven’t graduated. In my opinion, I have to finish junior year in order to be a senior, so on June 22 at 10:57 I  will officially be a senior and one of the oldest students of Westborough High School.

I think it’s important to show your class spirit during junior takeover, but don’t feel that you have to yell in the halls or chant “this is our house” while other students and faculty in the school watch your classmates voice their emotions.  

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Junior Takeover: Yay or Nay?