Club Update: WHS Model UN and Politics Club

By Johanna Pellegrino


WHS Model United Nation: A club that offers a structured format to debate world politics, practice public speaking, and come up with outrageous solutions to the biggest crises of history.

WHS Politics Club: A club that offers a relaxed structure to debate current political crises and practice debate tactics.

WHS Politics Club and Model UN: A new approach in order to give students more options.


Both Model United Nations and Politics Club are designed for anyone interested in politics or history, accommodating both US and foreign politics. Whether you want to be a part of the debate or just listen to what others think, Model UN and Politics Club are the places for you.

The biggest difference between the clubs are their structures. Politics club, which is advised by Ms. Costa, has a more relaxed discussion format, where as MUN, which is overseen by Mr. Brown, follows real UN procedures giving members the unique experience of a UN delegate. Whichever format you prefer, the clubs offer an great chance to be a part of a lively discussion and an opportunity to see new and different perspectives.

Previously, both clubs met every Thursday, forcing people who are interested in politics to pick one or the other – this is no longer the case. Earlier this year, Politics Club and WHS Model UN rearranged their schedules in order to give interested students the opportunity to be a part of both clubs. Junior Eshan Sane, president of Politics Club, mentioned in true political form that, “Considering Politics on an international scale, through the eyes of [the United Nations] is what makes discussion between the two clubs so crucial”, while co-president and sophomore Jake Connelly cheerfully noted that members could now “experience a wider variety of debate”. Both clubs felt it was important for them to work collaboratively, as the clubs are so similar.

With this new change, two club leaders are hoping to give members a chance to experience both forms of debate and even more opportunities to discuss what’s going on in the world. Both clubs are relatively casual, with some members showing up every week, once a month, or any variation in between.

Anyone interested is welcome to drop by room B308 on Thursdays to see what this week’s debate has in store.