Mock Trial Club: Calling Future Lawyers

By: Jack McGinn, Eric Gould, Peter Howarth

After an impressive 2-1 showing in last year’s Massachusetts Bar Association (MBA) Mock Trial Tournament, Westborough High School’s Mock Trial club looks to achieve new heights this year.

Mock Trial is a club centered around competing in hypothetical court cases given by the MBA. Members of the club take a role as either a lawyer or witness and practice their roles during meetings.

Meetings are held most Thursdays after school and they have already gotten underway with one meeting this year.

Anyone interested in debate, law, or public speaking is encouraged to join, whether they have relevant experience or not. Mock Trial strives to “improve members’ public speaking skills and knowledge of the law and court system,” says senior Co-President Eric Abeles.

Westborough High Mock Trial faces a big challenge this year as they hope to take down St. John’s.

Junior Co-President Emma West remarks, “I’m excited for the year. We had a lot of fun and success in last year’s tournament, but there’s always room for improvement.”

Trials are typically scheduled for late January or early February. Students who participate in the club are able to go on a field trip to the Worcester County Courthouse and the state finals.

WHS Mock Trial is a fun and interesting club that is looking for new members.