StuCo bringing new events to WHS


By: Miara Sasdi


Student Council, also more commonly known as “Stuco” is a huge part of our WHS community in promoting school spirit and running school wide events, which include social events, community projects, and much more. Student Council is advised by Mr. Rota and lead by senior Derek Pittorino who is the president.  In addition there is an executive board and  representatives who play an essential role in making the council run smoothly.

Throughout the course of the school year, the council is in charge of many important events and fundraisers both in and out of school. These include dances, festivals, student, teacher and custodian appreciations,  school spirit weeks, concessions for sports events, and other exciting occasions. They also participate in helping out with community service projects such as Birthday Wishes and Boston Children’s Hospital. An annual event that is also coming up is an annual clean up of the Assabet River.

Although many of the same events are held each year, Student Council is planning to implement some changes here at Westborough High School. One change is beginning with their next upcoming and first big event of the school year, the Homecoming Dance, with a Hollywood theme. This year the dance is changing from a casual dance to a semi-formal in hopes that it will excite more students. The dance will be held this year on Friday, October 27. The same weekend of dance, their Homecoming Festival will be held that Saturday, and is open to everyone, including the public.

Another huge event for the council is BOCCE for the Special Olympics. Last year, the event was held here at WHS and a lot of effort was put in by all of the council members to set up and help run the successful event.

The large council consisting of over 75 members is very much needed as Stuco has its hands in many different things. In order to be a representative on Student Council here at Westborough High School, one can run for a spot during the spring elections. If not elected, one can also interview for a walk-on position.  For students who would like to voice their opinion but are not on Student Council, they can attend the occasional open meetings with admin or drop a suggestion in the Stuco mail box right next to their bulletin board. Members on Student Council work together to delegate the tasks at hand in helping to make WHS a better place.

Other than hoping for a successful and productive year, the council is also hoping to improve other events here at WHS, by branching out to the Gibbons Middle School Student Council, and encouraging more students to get involved and voice their opinions.

One Stuco member, junior Nick Smaldone who is in charge of communications, sums up the goal of Student Council by saying, “A common misconception is that Stuco is working FOR the students when really our goal is to work WITH the students”.