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by Myles Goldman

Many students, faculty, and administration celebrated the end of the last full day before Thanksgiving by attending Multi Cultural Council’s annual International Buffet on Tuesday, November 25th in the lobby right afterschool.

The buffet featured many different foods and dishes from countries all over the world and was sponsored by the Multi Cultural Council Club.  The Chemistry club also joined the event, selling brownies and cookies which had been decorated with element’s symbols from the periodic table of elements.

It cost only one dollar to sample from all of the foods, and students enjoyed many goodies like “sweet yogurt” from India, “creampuffs” from France, “Potato Patties” from India, “Ukranian bread” from the Ukrain, rice dishes from China and “cinnimon challah,” a type of bread, representing the Jewish culture.

Students relaxed around the lobby, and one student attending the event said, “I enjoyed it; great variety.  It was definitely worth the one dollar.” 

Jacob Robins, another student at the event commented, “They should do this everyday.”    Maybe this isn’t possible, but everyone exhibited holiday cheer while kicking off the season by trying new foods and having plenty of fun.