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WHS Rec-Ball Season Preview

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By: David Beliveau

This busy time of year brings a lot of chatter to the hallways of WHS, those talking about the success of our winter sports teams, midterms, college acceptances, and my personal favorite, Rec-Ball. Rec-Ball has not only been a basketball program here in Westborough for a long time, but also a lifestyle for many young ballers’.

In previous years, two players would usually have their parents team up and coach together so that they could automatically play on the same team, and although this hasn’t changed much, there are several teams with coaches that don’t have a kid playing in the league this year. There are benefits to teaming up with a buddy, but that usually isn’t enough to carry a team through the season and to the championship. As a member of the Westborough Recreational Basketball League for three years, I’ve seen teams with two star players not make it deep in the playoffs, and teams without a standout player make it all the way to the championship.

This year’s league consists of fourteen teams. Here are the teams in no particular order:

  1. Team Morin

  2. Team Smith

  3. Team Meyer

  4. Team French

  5. Team Moran

  6. Team Hillier

  7. Team Leong

  8. Team Kashmanian

  9. Team Priest

  10. Team Lavine

  11. Team Jane

  12. Team Duckett

  13. Team Kelley

  14. Team McElhaney

The league this year has a lot of talent that has never been seen before. Juniors and Sophomores that could have played JV basketball for the high school could now be entering the league after being cut from the varsity program. With that being said, these are my predictions for the top 5 teams in the league:

  1. Team Morin – Some may think ranking this team #1 is a bold call, but I think this team is extremely underrated. Jeff Arnold is not given the credit he deserves when it comes to Rec-Ball. He is not only a defensive force standing over six feet tall, but he is also an offensive threat with a great mid-range jumper. Danny Lis is another standout player for this team, it will be interesting to see what they can do. As a squad with a high basketball IQ, this team could be dangerous if they build some chemistry in the start of the season.

  2. Team McElhaney – Big men can dominate the floor in this league and thats exactly what Arya Murthi and Julian Bosch will do. Last year, they stood as two of the better post players in the league, putting them together can be either very successful or destructive. Although their presence in the paint will be felt, they need someone to step up and distribute the ball.

  3. Team French – Some say this team is composed of only two players, but as a member of this talented team, I beg to differ. As the season continues, the chemistry for Team French only continues to build. Several supporting roles on the team give Team French endless opportunities to seize the championship this year.

  4. Team Jane – Although big men can run the league, so can three point specialists. This team can do some serious damage from deep territory. Eric Latimer and Matt Jane are known for their sharp shooting capabilities. The only issue I see with this team is their lack of size. If they find someone to step up and grab rebounds, this team could go on a serious run.

  5. Team Smith – Ranking team Smith at #5 is my bold prediction. Not only does this team lack a serious basketball player, but the only big man they have is Sam Correnti. Although Correnti stands over 6’3, he may have trouble containing another team in the paint. The reason why I have this team ranked so high is because of their roster. The team is filled with athletic kids that just so happen to be best friends as well. I believe chemistry and camaraderie will carry this team.

These are only my power rankings and they are subject to change as the season goes on. Good luck to everyone participating in the league this year.

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WHS Rec-Ball Season Preview