Mad For Plaid

By Brooke Callery

Courtesy: Pinterest

Fall has arrived along with new trends. The weather is getting cool and the leaves are turning. Not only is nature changing, but sundresses are turning into oversized flannels, tank tops lately seen covered by light sweaters or used as a texture accent under a knit scarf.

October is expected to bring lots of plaid; and when i say lots, i mean lots. Stores are stocked with plaid pants all the way to comfortable yet stylish plaid patterned sweatshirts. Though this is a trend in the works, it is sure to come in with a bang. Many style-goers fear the trend, but if worn well it can be a fresh look that can range from preppy all the way to classic tomboy

To rock the preppy plaid, mix in a knit plaid skirt or short over some classic black tights and throw on a warm sweater. If you’re feeling extra trendy try layering the sweater with a denim button down. The denim texture of the collar flipped over the seater allows the eye to unknowingly cycle the outfit; connecting the textures of all the individual pieces, bringing the outfit together. If the nautical look isn’t for you, have no fear! As said before, plaid can be done in many ways.

For a more rocker/ tomboy style, grab your favorite jeans and graphic t shirt and simply throw on an oversized flannel. Westborough High School can be known for the white converse trend, and lucky for all of us, plaid and chucks go hand in hand. If you want to take this look to the next level, go hunting for a pair of boyfriend jeans. As seen in my last blog, this style of slouchy denim was commonly seen last year with a structured top or jacket. This fall, forget the structure and embrace the slouch! The relaxed look is a comfy yet cute way to pull of the tomboy style in an edgy way.

As New Englanders, we are bound to catch a glimpse of plaid everyday while scurrying the halls of WHS. Because this particular pattern is so common within our school, some may refer to it as “basic”. If worldwide known fashion magazines such as Elle, Vogue and, Glamour are basic, than I suppose those people right. Personally, along with designers such as Michael Kors and Isola Marras, I believe that this seasons plaid is far from basic. New York Fashion week was consumed by the overlapping stripes and array of quilted color. Feminine, straight lined dresses with patches of plaid acted as a stylish focus for some of the most highly rated fashion photographs of the year. Even men were seen rocking the trend. If New York Fashion week is showing an overload of plaid on both male and female models, it’s only a matter of time for the trend to hit and consume our closets.

Below are a couple of ways to dress up the plaid, dress down the plaid, and a few staple items that will allow you to embrace the plaid. Along with the trend comes the creativity of putting together a fashion forward outfit that works for you. Have fun with it and make it your own.