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Kofi “Decaf” Dadzie:  Co Editor in Chief: 
Kofi “Decaf” Dadzie is the co editor-in-chief of the Lobby Observer along with Emma Grossman. He has been in the journalism program for four years. He enjoys writing music, performing slam poetry, and roasting James Coffey, whom he hopes to flame with only the most fire roasts he can muster.

Emma (the roastee) Grossman:  Co Editor in Chief:

Emma is a senior here at WHS.  She has been in the journalism program for four years now, taking Journalism 1 as a freshman, J2 as a sophomore, and named Junior Co Editor in Chief as a junior. Emma loves to laugh and have fun with her friends, as well as take roasts from Mrs. Stoker. Emma hopes to major in some form of communications next year at college, and is slightly nervous for Justin Gonzales to take over as Editor in Chief when she leaves.
James Coffey aka JC, JC_for3, JC_for2, Jim, Jimbo, Jimbuktu:  Executive Producer
James is a handsome devil. He is a proud senior in the class of 2017. James, along with Laura Skinner and Joe Liebert, make up the trio of Executive Producers (the EP’s) of Lobby-O  who were voted best looking interns by their companions. Away from the Lobby-O, James occasionally goes to school, runs his own mentoring club, and plays cross country, baseball and basketball for the WHS Rangers. He is a fast man. James is truly an iconic member of 2017 and would like to be remembered as an overall good (looking) guy in the minds of those around him. James Coffey is a real crowd pleaser.
Joe (yung nutty) Liebert:  Executive Producer
Joe is an executive producer for the broadcasting portion of the Lobby-O with James Coffey and Laura Skinner (voted the 3 best looking interns). He enjoys spending time with his friends and loves exposing fellow classmates with fellow investigative journalist Laura Skinner.
Laura Skinner (Laud) : Executive Producer
Laura is senior at WHS who has been in the journalism program for 3 years, and this is her first year on the newspaper staff. She is an Executive Producer (EP) with James Coffey and Joe Liebert–the good looking trio is ALWAYS hard at work. Laura also works at Roche Brothers in Westborough and is the voice behind many of the intercom pages at the grocery store.

Kaitlyn (c0rc) Corcoran: Head of Social Media

Kaitlyn is a senior at WHS. She has been involved in the journalism program for 3 years; this is her first year on the newspaper staff.  Kaitlyn is the nomad of the Lobby-O, unlike many of her fellow interns she does not have one specific job. Her many talents include: interviewing people for broadcasts, editing videos, tweeting, getting roasted and of course, driving. Kaitlyn hopes to continue to pursue her interest in the journalism field in college.

Abby McGinn:  Feature Editor

When Abby isn’t writing articles for The Lobby Observer, she enjoys watching Netflix, riding horses, and hanging out with friends.

Michael (Bar) Townsend:  Feature Editor

Michael Townsend, also known as the Wolf of C115, is a feature editor for The Lobby Observer. Townsend’s passions include fishing, classic rock, and having a good ole time. With his trademark smirk, Townsend aims to improve the lives of those around him, particularly his fellow interns.

Jack Wallace:  Sports Editor

Jack is a co-sports editor for The Lobby Observer. It is his third and final year  in the journalism program here at WHS. He goes by Wally , or as his fellow interns call him “king”. He plans to study either business or communications next year when he goes to college. Jack will go down in history as a Lobby-O and Westborough High School legend.

Mohammed “Mo” Ramzanali 

Mohammed is a senior in the class of 2017. He is also a first year sports editor for the Lobby-O. When not writing for the paper, Mohammed runs a club called Smile Train, is an active member of The Genesis Foundation club, plays football and basketball and works for the Westborough Recreation Department. He also enjoys long walks at Veterans Park, fishing at Sandra Pond and hanging out with his friends.


Mr. Masciarelli AKA “Mash”: Technological Messiah
To address widespread speculation Mr. Masciarelli, our technology advisor, isn’t just in it for donut day. He has always loved journalism and making videos; in fact he also enjoys creating content for Westborough TV – the town’s local access station. However when he leaves the media room, Mash looks forward to watching YouTube videos while eating, following the weather and taking long walks on the beach.

Mrs. Stoker AKA “Mama Stokes”: Advisor
Mrs. Stoker has been a member of WHS staff for over 17 years and the advisor to The Lobby Observer for 10 years. Stoker spends time with her family and enjoys watching the Patriots as well as other sports outside of school and grading assignments. However Stoker not only teaches in school; her current goal is to convert her son Seamus into a “Super fan.”