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Lindsey Bromm: Co-Editor in Chief

Senior heartthrob Lindsey Bromm, AKA LeBromm, always has a big smile on her face. As captain of the field hockey team and senior leader of the girl’s lacrosse team she has no problem running things at the Lobby-O. When she’s not at school you can catch her scooping ice cream at the local Dairy Queen or livin’ it up with her friends. After high school she’s doing big things no matter what she does.

Justin Gonzalez: Co-Editor in Chief

Justin a.k.a. Gonzo is a Westborough high senior. Justin is one of two interns who has been involved in journalism for all four years of his high school career. Many people know him as number 75 on Westborough’s football team.  When Gonzo isn’t playing football you can find him writing dope articles and making A1 broadcasts for the Lobby Observer. If you don’t love Gonzo then you’re not truly Westborian.

Marisa Papagelis: Co Editor in Chief

Senior Marisa Papagelis has been part of the journalism program at WHS since her first day of freshman year. One of Marisa’s many talents is her navigation skills- she can get you out of anywhere with the help of her GPS, of course. If you’re bored, you can take a hike up to Acton and find her swimming on any day of the week. In the winter, you can find this WHS Swim Team MVP doing big things for the Rangers. At school, you can find Marisa organizing the studio or making jokes in period six computer science.

Alli Avola: Executive Producer and Social Media Coordinator

Senior Alli Avola is the executive producer and social media coordinator for The Lobby Observer. She keeps the entire school up to date on Westborough High School’s athletic events. Alli is best known in journalism for her cringeworthy puns when anchoring. “You’re going down.. The hill.” You can find Alli at second lunch eating a classic peanut butter jelly sandwich with a raspberry jam twist.

Lauren Carlo: Technical Editor and Social Media Coordinator

Lauren Carlo, better known as LC by her fellow interns, always has a huge smile on her face. Lauren loves to play softball, although she cannot anymore because she had foot surgery. Although she is VERY short, she is VERY loud- you can always hear her cracking jokes during P4. You can catch Lauren scootering around school on her brand new groovy scooter!

Domenic Casparriello: Social Media Coordinator and Sports Editor

Meet Domenic Casparriello a.k.a. Dom, the best student athlete in the class of 2019 according to an award he won in 8th grade; you could say he peaked that year. Dom excels in the field of “video gaming” and tries to get as much practice in throughout the day as he can. His absolute favorite video game is MooMoo.io. When Dom grows up, he wants to be an astronaut–specifically he wants to be the first person to live on Mars. Dom wants to invent something that allows him to eat his mom’s homemade pasta in space.

Justina Demetry: Social Media Coordinator

Justina is a junior and one of the four Social Media Coordinators for The Lobby O.  She enjoys imitating dolphins instead of laughing, she can be located at your local aquarium! In her free time you can find her meeting famous people or listening to music. Justina enjoys sleeping and going on adventures with her friends. You can rarely see Justina at school, not because she is always catching someone’s sickness but she’s still only 4’11.

Matt Doherty: Sports Editor

‘Matt Doh’ is a junior basketball player at WHS. Known as the more handsome of the Doherty twins, Matt is #22 on the court but #1 in the hearts of Ranger fans.  Catch Matt on the staircase third from the right down to the cafeteria as he strangely correlates his choice of stairs to the grade he is in.  Look out next year as he makes the transition to the far left.

Mike Doherty: Features Editor

Take a good look at him, because there’s a good chance you’ll confuse him for his twin, Matt. Mike Doherty eats, sleeps, and breathes basketball, it’s basically his full time job.  When he’s not breaking ankles or fielding compliments meant for Matt, Mike is writing as a feature editor for The Lobby Observer. We promise he’s not as judgmental in real life as he is towards writing pieces.

Quinn Donovan: Junior Co-Editor

Quinn Donovan is our junior Co-Editor, in his free time he enjoys playing basketball and baseball. Quinn also enjoys not combing his hair well. Quinn is your go-to trivia guy, if you ever need to know anything about college and professional sports, forget Google, Quinn is your guy! You can find Quinn tripping over bases or playing with his dog Dakota.

Alexa Erickson: Feature Editor

Senior Alexa Erickson is in her third year of journalism for The Lobby-O. Alexa loves watching Shameless, dancing, and hanging out with her friends and family XD. Take a ride with Alexa and you’ll hear “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” or “Setting the World on Fire” at least once- probably twice. At school, catch Alexa complaining about math or having a good time during P4 in the studio. In the summer you can find Alexa scooping ice cream at Uhlman’s.

Grace Green:

Grace, a charismatic journalist that is second to none behind the camera. Some refer to Grace as being quiet, but we Lobby O interns refer to her as the best. No one is more qualified than Grace when it comes to reporting the news. In her free time Grace runs for fun, keeping her mind and body in shape. As one of the many seniors on this talented Lobby O roster, Grace provides great humor, intelligence, and is the backbone of all the interns.

Jenna Lewis-Keddy: Executive Producer

A senior here at Westborough High School, Jenna has been in the Journalism program for three years. Outside the Lobby O, she enjoys spending quality time with her pitbull Kale. She has an extreme hatred for Chipotle, stating “That place is nasty to me homie, they lick their fingers then scoop da guac n’ lick it again, miss me with that dawg.” Her dream food would be a tuna fish uncrustable. Catch her reppin the Wine and Navy for the Gsoc team this fall.

Matt McCarthy: Arts and Entertainment Editor

Matt McCarthy, star lacrosse player and avid rec ball participant, has been part of the journalism program for three years. He is a junior at Westborough High School and he’s an Arts and Entertainment editor for The Lobby Observer. In his free time, Matt enjoys cuddling with his adorable Husky/White Lab mix Luna. When he grows up, Matt hopes to live alone with his pet wolf (which he will raise on his own from puppyhood) in a cabin on top of a mountain in Colorado.

Will Schiffman: Junior Co-Editor

Junior prodigy on and off the ice; returning rec ball champion… athletic, but has difficulty sitting in a chair. Will Schiffman is an avid family man, loves eating almond paste, and is frequently taking snapchats from low angles. He is a hardworking Lobby-O contributor.  Unfortunately,  his birthday is often forgotten. You can find Will at Harry’s enjoying a pudgy blueberry pie.

Sarissa Volin: Co Executive Producer

One of the three executive producers of the Lobby-O, Sarissa has been a loyal Justin Bieber fan since 5th grade and a fried pickle enthusiast. Talents include predicting the winner of The Bachelor, having awkward bloopers, and winning $2 on scratch tickets. You can see her proudly wearing her Lobby-O lanyard around WHS.

Jalen Worstell:

Jalen Worstell is one of our four Social Media Coordinators although she hasn’t updated her own social media in a year.  In her free time she enjoys hanging out with her 90 dogs! You can find Jalen at your nearest Chipotle but you won’t find her driving anytime soon as she is almost 17 and hasn’t started on-roads. Jalen is a big townie yet she lives in Worcester. Sometimes you just have to hand it to Jalen, she can’t reach.