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Don’t Miss Stranger Things Season 2

By Tyler Sanchez

The Netflix series original Stranger Things season 2 was released on November 27,  and it did not disappoint.  Season two is arguably just as good as its first season–if not better. 

Season 2 on Rotten Tomatoes earned a 92% from the audience and 95% by the critics, which is huge because the critics liked the second season by 1% and everyone loves a good sophomore season in a series.

One critic who gave the second season 4.5 out of 5 said, “Stranger Things 2 continues its nostalgic and reminiscent momentum with more chilling thrills, charming laughs and heartfelt demeanor. The inclusion of some fresh faces along with its familiar faces giving us more of their dynamic charm and chemistry make for a satisfying second season that continues to leave us wanting more after its conclusion”.  

Stranger Things 2 is a mix of thrilling excitement with lots of twists and turns that at the end of every episode make you say “Maybe just one more” at 3 a.m.  Building up and going in depth of every main character from  season one made season two so much more enjoyable , because you got to see the characters grow and evolve from their previous experiences.

Bad choices, growing romances, and the chilling atmosphere radiating from the town of Hawkins make this show enjoyably addictive.  Stranger Things is one of the hottest series out right now,  so make sure to watch it. 

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